Reviews & Testimonials

Romantic Breaks

“Sy Tours booked our holiday to Hong Kong from start to finish. We didn’t give much notice at all yet everything was stress free – direct flights and advice on hand right until we flew out! I would definitely recommend to other people – thank you so much!”
- Sophie Draper

Wedding Destination

“I used SyTours to book my family group for my wedding in Barbados. SyTours was amazing they took all the stress and confusion out of booking a group holiday despite us having different departure and arrival dates and arranged transfers through her various contacts on the island.
SyTours found me everything I wanted from my holiday within my budget and gave me loads of advice for my holiday and even recommended the perfect location for my dream beach wedding!” Happy Bride

Special Occasions

"What a wonderful night out With friends and their family.
Your kids are amazing to have honoured you. There goes SyTours again not only does she book holidays but also restaurants and night outs as well. What can organiser. Great food great company great organiser. Thanks SyTours. You are so versatile"

"Great service, great recommendations every detail was on point SyTours made the 30th birthday weekend stress free and amazing thank you sooooooooo much!!"

Carnival Holidays

"Sy is amazing, an absolute star... she organised my trip to Jamaica Carnival and made it all so easy. She has so much knowledge and experience and is so organised and professional. I would highly recommend SyTours."